Scanner A4 CUSTOM

Cikkszám: [CUST_SCANA4]

Beépíthető OEM kialakítású, nagy sebességű A4 scanner


  • Scanning speedBlack & White 350mm/sec    
    Scanning AreaMax 200mm    
    Scanning resolution200 DPI    
    Number of sensor elements1696 dots / pixels (complete with 1728 elements)    
    Scanning formatsBitmap images in the following format:- Black and white- 16 shades of grey- 256 shades of grey    
    Paper thicknessfrom 60 to 120 µm    
    Paper weightfrom 55 to 120 g/m2    
    InterfacesUSB 1.1    
    DriversLinux CeScanLib Library which allows the control and management of the scanner through software    
    Power supply24 Vdc ± 10 %    
    Operating temperature0°C + 50°C

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