JCM UBA PRO bankjegyelfogadó. 900db-os kazetta, előlap és kábel nélkül.

Cikkszám: [47202382]

JCM UBA PRO bankjegyelfogadó. 900db-os kazetta, előlap és kábel nélkül. 



Acceptance Rate 98% or greater 

Banknote Size Centering Type (UBA-5x0 Series) • Long side: 120 - 165mm (4.72 - 6.49in.) • Short side: 62 - 85mm (2.44 - 3.34in.) 

Banknote Insertion Direction Banknote: 4 ways Barcode Ticket: 2 ways (Face up) 4 ways as option 

Dimensions (WxHxD) 301.1 (H) x 225 (D) x 114 (W) 

Weight Empty Approx. 4kg (8.81lbs) (UBA Pro Unit + Frame + Standard 500 Note Cash Box) 

Supply Voltage 12V DC (-5%) - 24V DC (+5%) (Greater than 70W recommended) 

Validation Speed Centering Type (UBA-5x0 Series) • 2.2 seconds or faster note to note speed 

Cash Box Type Security Box (Standard) ICB Box (Optional) Cash Box Capacity: 500 notes (new banknotes) 900 notes (new banknotes) 

Compatibility: Head unit of the UBA Pro functions with the existing frame, harnessing, voltages, interfaces, and cash boxes of the UBA®-10, -14, and -24

Interface USB (USB Specification Rev. 2.0 Compliance) (Full Speed/12Mbps) Photo-Coupler Isolation RS232C cc-Talk TTL

Power Consumption 12.0V • Standby = 0.3A • Operation = 1.8A • Peak = 4.0A 24.0V • Standby = 0.2A • Operation = 0.9A • Peak = 2.0A 

Environment Operating temperature: 5oC to +50oC (41oF to 122oF) Storage temperature: -20oC to +60oC (-4oF to 140oF) Humidity temperature: 15% to 85% RH (non-condensed) 

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